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Contra / Super C Crossover

This is a crossover (aka combo randomizer) for Contra and Super C.


  • Game play begins in either Contra or Super C, in a randomly chosen area.
  • When an area is completed, game play will transfer to another randomly chosen area, in either Contra or Super C.
  • After all 16 areas are completed, the credits from either Contra or Super C will be shown.
  • Current weapon, score and lives are carried over when switching from one game to the other.
  • Power-ups are randomized.
  • Relative chance of each power-up being given is configurable (for example, reduce the chance of spread gun showing up, to increase its value).
  • The seed used is displayed and can be configured in the settings file, enabling others to play the game with the same randomization. 
  • Any relatively current release of FCEUX should be adequate to run this crossover, however, I've only tested it on version 2.2.3.
  • A Contra ROM image
  • A Super C Rom image
No, I don't know where you can get ROM images. 

Download contra-superc1.1.zip here

Discord channel here